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Limor Allen

Limor Allen

VP of Sales & Business Development

Limor's diverse business background armed her with the experience and knowledge to help start up during a pandemic. Her business career began out of college with a National Leadership Development Program in the aerospace industry. There she gained experience negotiating international billion dollar contracts and managing global cross functional teams.

Limor then accepted the opportunity to apply her skills in healthcare where she negotiated national contracts for Kaiser Permanente. Managing the operations of multiple business units while learning program management prepared her for her next professional venture. 

Limor created her own start-up, Green Barrel, which offered eco-friendly wine on tap in sustainable packaging. The novel concept made Green Barrel the ideal partner for wineries that wanted to lower their costs and overall impact. She managed all aspects of the business for 10 years.

This entrepreneurial spirit coupled with her unique wheelhouse in marketing, operations, supply chain management, viticulture, and more, make her an invaluable asset.

Limor graduated with Honors from the International Business School at the University of Texas. She speaks Hebrew and Spanish with a concentration in Spanish Studies.