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Gabriel Paulino, PhD

Gabriel Paulino, PhD

Co-founder & VP of Product Development and Innovation

Gabriel Paulino has extensive experience in R&D, product development, strategy, and innovation for biotech and nutraceutical companies such as Nutrilite/Amway and Bulletproof.

Gabe is an alumnus of IndieBio Accelerator and Plug and Play and a co-founder of BioLumen, a nutritional technology company with a patented dietary fiber technology platform to reduce the negative effect of a diet heavy in processed foods. His prior experience includes working with SPRIM, a consulting agency focused on health innovation for consumer products.

A native of Paris, France, Gabe holds Master of Science degrees in life sciences engineering and in human health and nutrition from the Paris Institute of Technology (AgroParisTech). He also holds a PhD in neurophysiology of nutrition between the University of California at Davis and the Paris Institute of Technology, and has completed courses in entrepreneurship at UC Davis and UC San Francisco.