Launch your next-generation diagnostic or therapeutic product with a suite of services and technologies. We’re your partner in clinical research, protocol development, clinical studies, regulatory navigation, and more. Our CLIA lab provides fast, easy and accurate R&D and serves as a launchpad for your novel products.

Research-to-Market Pipeline

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Regulatory & Ethics
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Protocol Development
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Clinical Trials
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Go-to-Market Strategy
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Product Deployment
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Small RNA & miRNA
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Molecular Diagnostics
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PCR Multiplexing (renegadeXP®)
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Microbiology & Microbiome
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Immunology & Immunoassays
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Therapeutic Validation


Protocol Development & Recruitment

After initial determination of client needs and expectations, we develop a research plan that outlines inclusion and exclusion criteria for coordination of study participants

  • Defining of research parameters
  • Design of study protocol
  • Sourcing, vetting, and finalizing study participants
  • IRB submission

Study Execution & Monitoring

Testing execution that meets all specified requirements at each stage of development and final testing to ensure that end products meet expectations of stakeholders while following good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines

  • Verification and validation
  • Clinical site visits
  • Molecular biology and diagnostics

Analysis & Reporting

Study data is gathered and organized into useful documents for internal use and external reporting/publication

  • Biostatistics
  • Final Report preparation
  • Medical/scientific journals publication support


We started as a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and community organizers mobilizing as a public benefit corporation in response to the coronavirus pandemic. As the pandemic slows, we are shifting our resources and expertise to partner with other biotech companies to design and run experiments/clinical trials that attract investors and de-risk your business.

Let's discuss your next gen diagnostics and therapeutics

  • In-house laboratory
  • IRB specialists
  • Certified in immunoassays and high-complexity molecular assays (CAP & CLIA)
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Some of our partners

Renegade executed the study with precision and expertise, while keeping us up-to-date with their latest activities and completed all that was required in a timely manner. The team at provided us with invaluable feedback around the current workflow, protocol programming, user interface, and experience of the Liberty16.
— Lon Hua, Ubiquitome Application Scientist
I connected with Craig through IndieBio and after 6 months of collaboration I can tell not only how hard and efficient they work with the higher standards but also the ability to cover the timeline for verification and validation and new potential scientific cooperation.
— Gabriela Gutierrez, CEO Microgenesis