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SalivaDirect™ is a new qRT-PCR (also known as PCR or qPCR) diagnostic test developed at the Yale School of Public Health. It uses a saliva sample, rather than an invasive nasal or throat sample, to simplify testing and drive down costs.

About the test

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Results in 24 hours or less
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Self-administered saliva collection kits
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Easy reporting
Results integration with EHRs, insurance billing, public health reporting, etc.
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Highly accurate qRT-PCR test
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Self-collection lowers costs for ongoing testing
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Outbreak prevention
Online symptom reporting and rapid outbreak response

How it works

Highly accurate qRT-PCR test helps diagnose current COVID infection.

1. Order kits

Order collection kits for your school community.

2. Collect samples

Self-collection of saliva samples is quick, non-invasive, and safe, with a swab option if producing saliva is an issue.

3. Get results

Results are available within 24 hours via secure web portal.

About provides diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, for individuals, groups, and communities. We perform the renegadeXP 2.0 and SalivaDirect™ qRT-PCR testing methods at CLIA-certified labs in Oakland and New York City.

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Need COVID testing for your event, school, care facility, production company, or workplace? We provide fast COVID-19 testing for groups and communities.

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