Careers is an agile team of science, technology, and logistics experts, mobilizing in the public interest to make fast, safe, regular coronavirus testing accessible to all.

Our RenegadeXP™ COVID-19 testing methodology gives organizations responsible for public health the ability to rapidly scale up capacity for widespread ongoing testing.

In collaboration with other CLIA-certified labs, researchers, and organizations across the ecosystem of public health, we are working day and night with a singular goal: to make COVID-19 testing accessible to every person on the planet, regardless of income.

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Behind the Mask

Daniel, one of the key personnel hired when the company was less than a month old, leads site management for testing & logistics in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Science is at core, and Tüzün Güvener, PhD plays a key role as the R+D Lead for the laboratory team based at our location in Oakland, CA lab.
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