Strategic Partners

Based in Ireland, Metabolomic Diagnostic’s high-performance R&D team has developed an effective pipeline to firstly identify diagnostic biomarker panels and then translate these panels into clinical assays ready for application in the clinical laboratory. This pipeline combines the biomarker multiplexing capabilities of Mass Spectrometry, a powerful analytical technology, with the company’s own informatics and statistics solutions to deliver diagnostic innovation. This is reflected in Metabolomic Diagnostics’ strong and versatile IP portfolio of technical innovations and biomarkers. For more information visit:

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Primary provides end-to-end solutions for workforce and community health by enabling testing at scale through government agencies,employers, and community partners. For participants, Primary simplifies and expedites everything from test scheduling to result delivery while adapting to participant needs. Primary is continually evolving to meet demand for fast,reliable health initiatives as we pursue a sense of normalcy in an uncertain world. For more information visit:

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BayPLS is a mobile phlebotomy and diagnostic sample collection company. is partnering with Bay Area PLS to bring mobile COVID-19 testing to the San Francisco Bay Area. To learn more visit: