We are renegades.


renegade.bio is a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and community organizers, mobilizing as a public benefit corporation in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In collaboration with other labs, researchers, and organizations across the ecosystem of public health, we are working to make diagnostic testing accessible to all.

Renegade Science is our Lab side, where we bring novel diagnostics to life. We develop novel diagnostics in-house and with biotech partners to help identify and prevent diseases. We demand radical transparency with data and are devoted to your personal privacy. We push for innovation.

Renegade Reach is our Market side, in which we create a pathway through the healthcare system for distributing these diagnostics to people who need them most. We are solution-oriented and push to bring clarity to health education.


We are a purpose-driven, Queer-led, Public Benefit Corporation, demanding better health and healthcare for all people. renegade.bio mobilized in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Since our formation, we focused on expanding pathways to distribute diagnostics to people who need them most.

With roots in activism, renegade.bio focuses on improving access to diagnostics by developing health solutions for everyone—especially historically underserved and underrepresented groups, such as women, Queer and BIPOC communities.