The Future of Diagnostics Today develops next generation diagnostic assays for early disease detection and prevention, personalized medicine, drug development, and health monitoring using PCR, NGS, LCMS, and other cutting-edge technologies. We are your committed resource for COVID-testing, and diagnostics across a multitude of disease spaces.

COVID testing with

We perform the SalivaDirect™ and renegadeXP™ diagnostic testing methods at our CLIA-certified laboratory in Oakland. Both are qRT-PCR tests (also called PCR or qPCR), the gold standard for diagnostic testing. provides a fully comprehensive end-to-end solution for SARS-CoV-2 testing. We’re working day and night with a singular goal to make COVID-19 testing accessible to everyone, regardless of income.

If your school, production company, or company looking to streamline your COVID testing program, find out more here.

Your diagnostic partner beyond COVID

Improving access to diagnostics is crucial for receiving quality healthcare. We develop novel diagnostics, as well as partner with biotech companies, to help create and validate diagnostics—addressing some of healthcare’s biggest challenges across fertility, sexual health, and cardiovascular disease.

By utilizing innovative biotechnology, we hope to better improve the lives of underserved populations. Find out more about our key technology areas in PCR, NGS, LCMS.

If you are a biotech company or research institution looking for a lab partner, find out more here. was a fantastic partner for us as we dealt with the pandemic. provided our community with exceptional service. They made testing very easy for us. Their turnaround time, often less than 24 hours, was superb and gave us confidence about the health and safety of our school community. I'd use them again in a heartbeat.

Phil Gutierrez
Head of School has worked with us to develop a relatively simple process that has allowed us to confidently open our doors to all our students and staff through weekly testing of everyone. By keeping positive virus cases off campus, we have been able to provide a somewhat normal 2021 for our students!

Bruce Pollock
Chief Operating Officer

We were glad to be introduced to during the Covid Pandemic; services played a meaningful role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our team members.

Brad Johnson
People Operations