Make COVID-19
testing available to all

Community-Based Testing
for COVID-19 is a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and community organizers, mobilizing in the public interest to provide rapid, cost-effective, end-to-end COVID-19 diagnostic testing for community and public health.

As a public benefit corporation, we’re dedicated to making coronavirus testing available to everyone in America, regardless of income—because we know it will take nothing less to end this pandemic.

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Radically increase the number of people being tested
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Democratize access to testing in a time of pandemic
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Ease the burden on healthcare by enabling people to self-triage before seeking care

Test the People is a collaborative effort to bring free COVID-19 testing where it’s needed most.

COVID-19 is taking an especially heavy toll on people of color and the unhoused due to intersecting layers of racial and economic inequity. We’re partnering with other healthcare companies and grassroots organizations to bring COVID testing to communities with barriers to access.

Our work provides individuals with vital health information, and empowers communities with data about the prevalence of the coronavirus in their populations.

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